Trading Spaces: Antiblackness and Reflections on Black EducationFutures

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Antiblackness, or the socially constructed rendering of Black bodies as inhu-man, disposable, and inherently problematic, is the legacy of chattel slaveryin the U.S. This article explores the visionary possibility of learning torecognize, honor and steward Black Education Spaces (BES). BES might beconsidered physical locations, cultural practices, traditions, and opportu-nities for black students and educators to: (a) heal from the racializedassaults resulting from antiblackness; and (b) strategize resistance to man-ifestations of antiblackness. The authors analyze Derrick Bell’s “The Space Traders” to discern the relationship between antiblackness and Bell’s commentary on black liberation. They then explore the implications of anti-blackness on the schooling of black people in the afterlife of slavery, andput forward a conceptual model of BES. The article concludes with reflec-tions on black education futures, and the implications of BES to achieveblack people’s diverse dreams of freedom.

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