CPS Teach Chicago Podcast: Season 1, Episode 1- Equity

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Introducing the CPS Teach Chicago Podcast, a new show that dives into the practice of CPS teaching from the CPS teacher’s perspective. Listen to Episode 1 featuring Keisha and Katie’s conversation with CPS Chief Equity Officer Dr. Maurice Swinney, EdD. A @chipubschools podcast for teachers, byteachers.

The CPS Teach Chicago Podcast is a window into the profession of teaching in Chicago Public Schools. Hosted by two CPS teacher leaders, each episode dives into a CPS initiative or district focus and speaks on it from the teacher’s perspective. Potential guests include any stakeholder in Chicago Public Schools, because this work takes all of us. Discover why #TheBestAreWithCPS and and come teach Chicago. 

Visit cps.edu/tcpod to learn more.

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