Betty Scalia

Betty Scalia


Oscar Mayer School

My story

My name is Betty Scalia and I have been a CPS teacher for 27 years. Throughout my years teaching students from many communities in Chicago, I have realized that regardless of grade or subject I have taught, the way to reach and teach my students is through a strong relationship with each of them and their families. Building relationships is my top priority. It is through an honest, human relationship that I can help motivate and empower each student to take ownership of their learning and be agents of change in our school, our communities, and in each of our lives.

My equity challenge and how I work on it

It is always a challenge to meet the needs of each child as an individual. I do my best to design learning experiences that allow for everyone to work on the same type of work in community, but that also allows for multiple points of entry and multiple ways of showing what was learned. My goal is to shift my practice this coming year to giving my students more choice and voice not only in what they are learning but also in creating the kind of classroom culture that works for everyone. I work on my student agency challenge by committing myself to experiment, to be a creative teacher, to try new things and most importantly, to be a good listener.

Quote/motto or one piece of advice for a teacher who is thinking about doing this work

Reach out and find other teachers who can talk through things with you. Sometimes it is hard to try new things in our classrooms if we don't have a teacher on our team who also wants to try. My advice is, reach out to others in CPS - there are people who will support you - you are not alone!

Resources used to drive equity work

Paul Gorski and the Equity Literacy Institute-

Tools I Endorse

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